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My Poetry......

Well now you all get to see some of my poetry, I'm not even going to comment on whether it's good or not, you can decide for yourself, and I won't be offended if you hate it.

Next Time

The next time isn't far away
Soon we'll be together
I know it's hard to be apart
But honey I know it's worth it

The way your touch
Makes my aching body quiver
Aching from the longing for you
Eased by the feel of you

The absence of your kiss
Makes a tear prick my eyes
But I know that when we kiss again
All bad feeling will be erased

And then when we must part again
Just to wait until out next time
When you're lying on your own in bed
Wishing I was by your side


...The feeling of my skin on yours
...The weight of my kiss on our troubled heart
...The feeling of being loved by another

Remember me because I remember you.

  Your Love

Your love has stopped me doing things
That before I took for granted
Your love has entered my body
And has absorbed every part of my mind

No longer can I concentrate
On things that I adore
The only thing I wish to linger on
Is you my virtuous star.

My ability to create
Beauty with my soul
Has abandoned me entirely
Yet how, when your my world?

My soul should be producing
The most beautiful things of all
But your beauty seems too stunning
To try and justify with words

How cruel is love to give me
One but not the other
I have a beautiful girl
Yet when I try to write I meet disaster

However I would sacrifice
Much more than I have lost
For you my star are everything
That my heart could ever desire

My Crying Angel

***Just to say I mean every word. I wrote this for a friend of mine and I just want them to how much this means***

I just can't picture you crying,
I can't see the tears in your eyes,
I can't imagine how it feels,
But hey, that's no surprise.
I don't know how it feels to be bashed about and bruised,
I always walk away without a chance of being used,
So when I think of tear sin your now so distant eyes,
I hear the echoes of your fears,
And the remnant of my lies.

I'm sorry if I hurt you,
Angels shouldn't cry,
I'm sorry that I left you,
Your tears jsut passed me by,
The image is convincing,
I thought you woulnd't break,
But now I know your delicate,
And I'm sorry it's too late.

Do my sorrys make it better?
Can I be forgiven for my sins?
Or is damaging an angel too bad to overcome,
I want to make it better,
I want to take away your blues,
And if you ever need somone I'm the one that you cna use,
Oh angel, please forgive me, I can't wipe away your tears,
Oh angel, please forgive, for I understand your fears.

These will be changed every now and again, so check back once in a while


Believe in the imagination
Only the soul creates
The dreams of being in love
And living in a world without hate

Believe the way you feel
Because the heart is always true
Don't forget we fell in love
And that I'm always here for you

Believe that I can love you
More than any other
Because you've captured my heart and pulled it close
Now you're the one I dream of most

Believe I see you beauty
As no one else could do
I see inside your tortured soul
When you're not with me my, I am not whole

You complete me
As I complete you
Without you life won't do
I need you to love me to be by my side

Believe that I need you
Oh say you'll be mine
Believe that I want you
Let's create heaven divine

Copyright of the authors

Dream Angel

My angel sings so sweetly
She sings beneath the stars
My angel sings of love and life
She sings to heal her many scars

My angel has a beauty none of you can see
She has a way of living that starts and ends with me,
My angel has a dream which is plain but oh so grand,
She dreams of us together, just us two, hand in hand

My angel sings of passion
She sings with the rising sun
My angel sings of sadness
She sings of a love not yet begun

My angel sings of me, though we haven't met
She sings to bring me nearer, but I'm not coming yet
My angel sings so patiently, she waits and waits some more
She sings because she knows, she's the one I will adore

Beautiful You

When I close my eyes, I can see your face,
A face of beauty, that has been wrongly disgraced.
When I look into you eyes, I see into your mind,
A scary place of false shame and unnecessary lies.

You kept your secret in pain for years,
You kept your secret because of your fears,
Scared of who you are, scared of rejection,
You lacked understanding ears and my protection.

Well here I am, to understand,
To ease the pain whenever I can,
I'll stop you being ashamed, stop you being alone,
I'll help you stop lying to those that you know.

From now on you can be; the one that I love
The true you, that was sent form heaven above,
You can live the way God intended you to,
Please don't try to hide, instead just be you, beautiful you.