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Okay so, I've run out of room on my other poetry page, so I've added another one. Simple. Enjoy.

By My Side

I know that it will be hard
To keep you by my side
But knowing that you love me
Fills my heart with pride

I'm also filled with passion
When I see you walking by
But mostly overwhelmed
When I realise you're mine

Someone said it's crazy
That you make me feel this way
That I just can't bear to be apart from you
Not even for one day

I need you to be in my arms
To make me feel whole
You complete the very heart of me
You give life to my soul

To be without you now
Would be the end of me
For being with out has made me happy
As everyone can see

Having said all this
You must believe that you are free
And you may leave at any point
If that's your hearts desire

However, everyday to the Lord I pray
That you never want to let me go
And that everyday when I wake
You'll still be mine to keep.
Magical Love

Your love is magical
Of this I am sure
Love is my ailment
And you are my cure

A magical love will cure all pain
A maigcal love will leave a stain
A magical love will stay in your heart
A magical love won't let you part

Before I met you
Love lay heavy on my heart
A sufferable feeling
Of which you held no part

A magical love means where you are is my home
A magical love means never feeling alone
A magical loves means holding on tight
A magical love is ahving you in my site

I know we can hold on
To this love that we've found
shhh ... my love, don't worry
Don't make a sound
Don't lose faith in what we've been given
God know's what's right
He knows us best
Just close you eyes, and my darling, sleep tight.

Rain Inspiration

I’m praying for your next message to light up my phone,
Like I light up when I see you.
The rain beats down,
It comes from nowhere,
Thrashing against the window,
Reminding me there is a world outside my mind,
A world outside of you, my angel.
I sit here thinking only of you.
How good are you that you can control my thoughts without being near me?
Is it because you have become a part of me?
A part of me that is slowly growing.
Growing within me,
In my mind,
My heart and my soul.
I don’t want it to stop,
Not yet,
And I don’t want it to die.
You have completed me,
Like you could never imagine.
Imagine feeling so complete that you no longer feel the need to search for the things you used to long for in life,
Those things that never really mattered,
But that somehow made up your world.
Then someone like you comes along and makes everything outside of our world,
somewhat insignificant.
I’ve been plunged into a place that surrounds me with you,
And as I think of you,
Tears prick my eyes,
Yet I don’t know why,
As you make me happier than I have ever been in my life.
However I do know that,
You overwhelm my senses so that they can no longer function,
I just melt into an ocean of you,
An ocean of beauty and warmth,
Of love and contentment.
All I can see is you,
All I can smell is you,
All I can taste, is you,
You flood all my senses.
Grant me the peace and serenity,
To know you feel this too
I couldn’t bear to be alone
In a world as wonderful as you.