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Some pics I think you should see

Well here you go, for your viewing pleasure .....
this was just gonna be my top 10 Melanie C pictures, but I've changed my mind and just gonna fill up the photo page!! And can you all take note, these are not my own pictures, they came off various websites and magazines, fankoo

My fave Melanie C pic of all time

Aaaawww...how cute

It's not fair.. I wanna know the joke

Just got outta bed Mel?

This is from Marie Claire & the article in which she said 'I wish I was a lesbian..coz men r crap'

This is in my top 10

2 Mel C's, How cool!!

She reminds me of an Egyptian Godess in this one! Don't ask why!


The old look Melanie, was there a time this girl didn't look good?

The simplest of poses are cool

Now, I swear this girl is an angel herself!

More tattoos

Not the best tattoo in the world, but good enough coz its Mel c's

One day I will have this tattoo

This tattoo is part of a pair, with....

...with this one

Tyger, tyger burning bright ..... u dont get it do u? Dear me

In the desert!!

This picture and the previous 2, are from her album

One of my top 10

Moody Mel!!

I searched over 30 sites before I found a copy of this pic

This was at the Big Daddy premier

Doesn't she look pretty? .. Don't lie, I know you all agree.

Looks like butter wouldn't melt...probably not true though

Doesn't she look sophisticated?